Fugitive Clouds

Driving past in my car, I was in a daze;
A lonely cloud caught my gaze.
As despondent as me, it drifted on its way,
Dark nimbus cloud on a joyous day.
Drifting by, it frolics in the sky;
It meets another nimbus playmate, which is moving by.
Gone is my solitude, away flies the sorrowfulness;
Ahead they look, to mirthfulness.
A flash appears, they begin to beckon;
They want me to join in their celebration, I reckon.
My melancholy vanishes, I join in their dance;
Began ceaseless playing, as I went into a trance.
The gay spirits dissipated, as the clouds roared;
I looked at them as their depravity soared.
They gave way to rain, striking in rage.
Their anger was hard to gauge.
After the hectic dance, the clouds had gone;
Along with them, my woe has flown.

-Anju Jha


Glowing Embers

When the fire flickering through the
night begins to ebb;
When the clock strikes four-
The shafts of the golden beaming through the ivory sky
begin to percolate my room.
I lay on the bed with my eyes half shut,
Thinking what will I write about?
What will be my muse for the day?
I listen through the twitters from the vagrants
through the somnolent sky.
I listen to the cadences of the sea
rampaging on the banks through the
morning bright.
I jump from the bed and clear the mist from my window.
What I see is a blissful sight.
A sight that soars my fancy;
To witness the golden orb rising from the arms
of the somnolent horizon like a newborn baby.
It is, indeed, a feast to my sore eyes.
It lights up every bloom,
every leaf, rising from the dewy earth.
It stirs my creativity;
It ignites my passion.
About the glowing radiance flickering
Like a thousand starbursts shooting
through the dimming sky,
That sets the world in motion.
It often is a muse for poets. 

– Anju Jha

Different hues of the Sky

When clear blue sky beacons you
You are not left alone to rue.
At dawn you glance at the rising sun
Away flies your sleepiness; to work you are ready to run.

At daylight, gazing out the window at its vast yellow expanse
Begins to change your stance;
Freedom of birds flying,
You look at curtailed self at work and start vying.
Can you be free?
Probably go on a shopping spree.
By mid-morning you wonder
The free moments under the vastness you plunder.

By dusk, as the darkish pink sun sets low,
You pack your bags at work and are ready to go.
You look at the sky’s changing shades;
Good mood engulfs you; freedom begins to cascade.
As you drive back home, you begin to take clicks
To share it with your friends, their gaze transfix.

At night, the starry dark sky beckons you to sleep;
Thoughts of the crazy day you begin to sweep.
Over is the day;
As you hold your thoughts at bay.
Towards the lull,
Your senses are beginning to dull.

– Anju Jha

Moonlit Moments

When the sun sinks and the sky 
dips a brush in the palette and
paints its expanse in an inky hue.

When the moon rises and 
irradiates the earth;
waxing eloquently.
The time when the star-studded
dapples embellish the vastness above.

When the rosemaries and jacaranda bow down,
I walk in the garden covered with misty dew.
I notice that the birds in their nightly abode are taciturn.
The trees are mere shadows.

I want to linger;
When the world is deep in slumber;
pause for a while under the Stygian sky
to enjoy the moments of solitude.
The lingering smell of drooping blossoms
that wafts from the sublime turf by night
The overpowering smell infilterate my senses.

– Anju Jha

Elusive Dreams

Am I aiming for euphoria? 
Land of thriving dreams and everlasting hopes. 
There are no differences, no divide; 
Your goals are clear, and your head held high in pride

Everyone’s had their trials and tribulations; 
You have courage enough to brave all situations. 
You were beaten yesterday; 
You are redeemed from torment today. 
You have broken the unnecessary chains; 
Allow freedom to reign supreme, so that your voice remains. 

Be independent, fortify your belief; 
Time has arrived to breathe a sigh of relief. 
Break the never-ending glass ceiling; 
Don’t show your fears revealing. 
Yesterday, you showed your weakness; 
Which may be construed as meekness.

Stand up for yourself, uphold your rights; 
You are bound to achieve new heights.
Believe me; the time is imminent.
the peace this time o’er is permanent.

– Anju Jha 

Vicissitudes of Life

From fame and fortune,
To a lonely nonentity.
You were seated on a pedestal yesterday;
You are down in the dumps today.
You fell from grace,
All lonely and woebegone.
Your fair-weather friends who promised to love you forever;
Vanished into oblivion.
Leaving you alone to mope;
And wallow in your misery.
During this dire phase of your life,
You never gave up courage;
You never gave up endurance.
You confronted your life’s battles,
With fortitude and toughness of spirit.
Steadfast in your hopes,
Living your dreams.
The worst phase has evanesced,
Giving you an opportunity
To build from scratch.
At least you were able to extricate
Friends from foes.

– Anju Jha 

Freedom from Tedium

I am gazing out of the window,
with my mind like a blank sheet of paper.
Wither goes my life?
Living the same life, breathing the same air;
doing the same chores and treading the same path by day.
A feeling of ennui strikes me again,
sending me into throes of lassitude.
I succumb to the gnawing feeling of listlessness.
Confusion is confounded;
Despair is the order of the day.
Is there any escape?
Is there any freedom from the manacles of tedium?
I try to shrug off the same old tormenting feeling,
Jumping on the bandwagon of creativity.
Doing something different, exploring a new horizon.
To eradicate any feeling of sadness;
And to conquer the same, grave thoughts.

– Anju Jha

This poem is about setting yourself free and motivating yourself to achieve your lifelong goals.